My Resume

Adi Iyengar
616 916 1383
Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI — B.S.
Computer Science (Math minor)
2011 - 2015
- Computer Science (GPA: 3.84); Mathematics minor (GPA: 3.87)
- Member of GVSU ACM International Programming Contest (2012-2015)
- Member of GVSU Upsilon Pi Epsilon, International Honor Society for CS
Rails/Elixir Developer, Boston, MA
2015 - Present
- Led the development of web applications based on client specifications
using Ruby on Rails and Elixir (with Phoenix).
- Drove the long term technical design/strategy of Elixir applications.
- Evaluated new tools in our Software Technology stack (like Docker,
Asterisk, Kubernetes) and finalized their implementation strategy.
- Mentored and trained junior (and senior) level developers.
- Built several tools and Domain Specific Languages to facilitate and improve
developer efficiency.
Software Engineer (Intern), Grand Rapids, MI
QAD Inc
May 2015 - August 2015
- Single-handedly developed a real-time ZPL interpreter product for QAD.
This application would render a QR code label from ZPL code before printing.
- Assisted product enhancements in QAD’s ERP Software using Progress
OpenEdge, Java and C#.
Tutor (Computer Science, Physics, Math), Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Valley State University
September 2014 - January 2017
- Tutored students in Java, Ruby, C++ and Linux command-line.
Rummage — Search, Sort and Pagination for Ecto (Elixir)
Wrote (and maintaining) an open source library for ecto’s search, sort
and pagination queries, with HTML support for Phoenix.
Akd — Deployment Automation Library (Elixir)
Wrote (and maintaining) an open source library to deploy elixir apps.
Adify — Dev Environment Setter (Elixir)
Wrote a package which sets up my dev environment from a scratch.
Orloj — Command Line Time Tracker (Elixir)
Wrote a cli time tracker using OTP and Process-oriented programming
Hit — Functional language [in progress] (C, Hit)
Writing a functional programmable language for command line apps
Proficient in:
Elixir (OTP, Phoenix, Ecto),
Ruby (Rails, Rspec), Haskell,
C, MySQL, Postgres,
JavaScript, HTML, CSS,
Docker, Linux (Arch, RPM,
Debian), Mac OS X.
Familiar with:
Erlang (OTP, Mnesia), Elm,
Redis, Rust, Java, Asterisk,
Software Design/Architecture,
Writing maintainable
others’ code quickly,
Evaluating new tools and
learning them from ground
Reading Open Source code,
Learning and Evaluating new
Programming Languages,
Pairing with developers (and
non-developers) on fun
projects, Evaluating and
Improving my list of Dev
Tools, Playing Music,
Breakdancing, Billiards,
Basketball and Board Games.