Vim: Use Spell check

Now that I have started writing more blog posts, I have been thinking more about spell checking. :)

Vim has a cool feature for spell checking. This can be done easily by spell_check plugin, but vim has its own spell option which works much better and has native vim support.

NOTE: Spell doesn’t work as expected when syntax is disabled

To enable spell check, call :set spell spelllang=en_us. This will mark all the words that are misspelled. In order to navigate to the misspelled word hit ]s (for next misspelled word) or [s (for previous misspelled word).

Once on a misspelled word, you can either use zg to add the word to the list of “good” words, or use z= to get correction suggestions from vim (This also works for a word which isn’t highlighted as a “bad” word).

You can also use zw to remove current word from the spell file (list of good words).

Another way of fixing the error is to use <C-x>s from the insert mode which triggers an autocompletion form.

To turn spell mode off, call :set nospell.

See :h spell and :h compl-spelling for more details.