Elixir Deployments: Easy Deployments with Akd

At Annkissam, we have been developing and deploying Elixir applications for two years now. Over that span of time, we have used tools like docker, exrm and distillery to deploy Elixir applications. We have noticed that the true bottleneck of deploying an elixir application is trying to set it up with a deploy workflow which can be re-used. Therefore, we decided to write a package, akd which helps us set up and customize our applications with a deploy workflow whether it is using docker, distillery or even a mix Project, and deploy an Elixir application with a simple command: $ mix akd.deploy. Akd is Annkissam’s Open-Source library for deployment automation. It allows Elixir developers to easily compose a series of automated deployment tasks, and integrate with tools like distilery and docker, which simplify building and releasing Elixir applications.

For more information and a detailed walkthrough, check out this post.