One Piece 3D world Animation


I used three.js and some data gathering (using datascrapers and other maps available online) to build a simple animation of One Piece’s story line. As the animation goes forward you can see the crew members and their bounties update. The animation starts off at Dawn Island and ends at Sabaody Archipelago. It’s a little quirky (like when it goes through the reverse mountain), but I decided to keep it that way and keep it simple.


Motivation (or rather, Demotivation)

I started this project as a potentially long-term programming project that would have been loaded with features. I have always felt One Piece isn’t well represented in the programming community being the top selling manga of all time. So my vision for this was to expose all the data that I had scraped through an API for others to use and build apps with. However, due to a substantial number of side projects needing my attention, I decided to turn this into an animation and display it in a blog post.